Hooray for Fall + #MotivateMe Monday

Hooray for Fall! Ok, so it’s not officially Fall yet, but this morning we definitely woke up to Fall like weather here in Southern Ontario. In my humble opinion, Fall is the perfect weather for running.  Not only that, it’s also the perfect time of year for baking.  Apple custard cake, pumpkin protein squares, and apple pie granola… Delicious! Cookies especially are my favourite so I baked up a batch of the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies with the kids last night. 


Things in our household last week were pretty hectic. The girls all went back to school with my youngest two still going to the same school together, but now my oldest has started “Junior High” school. 



Besides the back to school adjustment, we were also busy with rep (travel) softball tryouts every night for my two oldest daughters. If you’ve never been through it, tryouts are an emotional roller coaster filled with anxiety, fear, anger, happiness etc. I was a nervous wreck and slept poorly all week!  It’s also a mad rush to get home early, pick up the kids from school, feed them dinner so that they can perform well, and to arrive early to the diamonds to show your genuine interest.  My oldest was fearful of her position with the team she played on last year, so she tried out for another team as well as her own.  On Friday night, after the two team’s tryouts she still hadn’t heard any news and was on her way to try out for a third team when her coach from last year called to offer her a spot on the team.  She was ecstatic! My middle daughter was lucky and had received an offer early in the week from her first choice team.  She was instructed to keep her news quiet until our oldest was accepted onto a team.  It was hard for her to do, but I’m so proud that she did.  Thankfully they are both playing for the same softball organization next season! My oldest will be on the U12 team, and my middle one will be on the U10 team.

Go Halton Hawks Go!


The house league softball team I coach also had their skills competition and annual banquet on Saturday afternoon. Afterwards we officially transitioned our vehicles to hockey season mode.  We took all the softball bags, tents, wagons, coolers and lawn chairs out and replaced them with all the girls hockey bags, sticks and hubby’s coaching equipment (milk crates full of pucks, clipboards, whistles etc).  Just in time for hockey to start on Sunday!


(Sorry for the horrible pic)
Last week I shared with you my fitness plan. Unfortunately I think I had bitten off more than I could chew.  Work was busy, which made it impossible for me to do the lunch runs I planned for Tuesday and Thursday.  And truthfully with the chaos of tryouts and back to school, I was too lazy to dig my kettlebells out for the kettlebell exercises I planned to do after my Wednesday and Friday runs, so I didn’t do those either.  Saturday morning I did a few of the Youtube workouts I told you about before, and on Sunday a few of the hockey moms went for a 4k walk with me while our daughters were doing their dryland training together. 

Here’s what I did:

Monday: 15k  hilly morning run
Tuesday5k lunch run
Wednesday: 8k morning run + kettlebells
Thur: 5k lunch run
Friday: 8k morning run + kettlebells 
SaturdayJillian Michaels 6 week six pack abs workout
Sunday: BodyFit 25min Kettlebell HIIT Workout 4k walk

Here’s this week’s plan:
Monday: Rest – pulled my hip flexor on Friday afternoon and it’s still tender
Tuesday: 5k lunch run
Wednesday: 8k morning run + kettlebells
Thur: 5k lunch run
Friday: 8k morning run + kettlebells 
SaturdayJillian Michaels 6 week six pack abs workout
Sunday: BodyFit 25min Kettlebell HIIT Workout

This week will be quieter for me. Although Sierra has hockey most nights this week, hubby will be taking her to those and I will have the evenings at home with the other two kiddos.  My youngest has a project due on Wednesday, so I’m sure the next two nights we’ll be busy working on that.

Have a great week everybody!

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