Heart Rate Training Recap – Week 1

Wow, how is it Tuesday already?!  

I have to admit that the weekend and Monday got away from me.  Our weekend was super busy with the start of our hockey season (my youngest played her first hockey game ever!), plus I’ve been preparing for a big-to-me presentation that I had to make today at work.  I *hate* public speaking, but I’ll do it if I have to.  I have to admit the presentation thing was my own doing.  I volunteered to represent my division in a company-wide endeavour then volunteered to present an update on the project and to facilitate a division-wide group activity related to the project.  I was so nervous and stressed about today’s presentation that I worked myself into a KILLER headache that I’ve been battling for two days. Now that the presentation is done I feel absolutely fine.  It’s funny how stress impacts the body like that.

Heart Rate Training Recap

So as I shared last week I’ve begun heart rate training with the Polar M600 watch in an effort to regain the speed  that I’ve been slowly losing over the past year (I’ll be sharing a full review of the watch later this week).  I figure that since speed is a function of endurance and strength, I would use a heart rate training plan to help me train at a pace that actually allows me to build endurance.  I got the program for free through the Polar Flow website.  I also downloaded the nifty Polar Flow app that reminds me of my upcoming training activities:


As you can see from this screenshot the program also includes body weight strength exercises and mobility exercises. When I click on those training sessions it brings me to YouTube videos that I can follow at home – pretty cool!

So how did I do last week?

Monday: 45 minute medium run (30 min 70-80% max HR)
Tuesday: Strength
Wednesday: Intervals – 4min @80% max, 2min 70%) + mobility training
Thur: Mobility training
Friday: 30 minute easy run (15 min 70-80% max HR)
SaturdayCore strength
Sunday: 60 minute walk + 60 min long run (60-70% max HR)

Heart Rate Training

For the first time in a long time I did every planned run!  I have to admit that I REALLY enjoyed heart rate training this week and every run felt amazing!  I’ve been trying to run too fast until I started this journey a week ago.  Over the past 6 months I’ve been trying really hard to keep up with my running friends which means every run has sucked because they’re WAY faster than me and I’ve been essentially been doing tempo runs for EVERY run. Other than the time spent with my friends the runs were not the least bit enjoyable.  Sprint, catch my breath, sprint, catch my breath….  I was really feeling defeated so heart rate training this week brought back my love of running, and hopefully it’ll help me to get back to running the paces my friends run. 


Up and ready for a 6 am solo run!  

The downfall is that unfortunately I’ll be running by myself for a while, but I can always meet up with my friends to start our runs.  Just having to meet them outside a few mornings a week is the motivation I need to drag my butt out of bed 🙂

This week’s plan

Monday: 55 minute medium run (40 min 70-80% max HR)
Tuesday: Strength
Wednesday: Intervals – 4min @80% max, 2min 70%) + mobility training
Thur: Mobility training
Friday: 35 minute easy run (20 min 70-80% max HR)
Saturday: Core strength
Sunday: 70 min long run (60-70% max HR)

I’m really excited to see if heart rate training will bring the improvements I hope for!

Have a great week everybody!

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