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About 8 weeks ago I decided I needed to try something different to begin getting my “speed” back.  The past year of only running twice a week and eating and drinking WAY too much not only caused a 10 lb weight gain, but it’s also slowed me down by at least a minute per kilometre. UGH!! 

So I started heart rate training when I got a Polar M600 to review.  While reviewing the watch I discovered a half marathon heart rate based training program so other than the strength training portion the plan I’ve followed it to a “T” for the past 8 weeks. I’m happy to report that my running is definitely improving!

I was VERY hesitant at first to slow my running down. 

My first few runs felt ridiculously slow but were enjoyable,  I could run 5k without stopping!! Instead of dreading running, I started to look forward to each run, but adjusting to running 4 times a week was a challenge.  I just wasn’t used to running that often and felt pretty tired by the end of the week.  As I got used to running more often, I also got used to running longer and longer, and faster on my speed days.  Over the past two weeks I’ve added in ANOTHER running day so now I’m running 5 days a week (OMG, who am I?!?).



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I’m happy to report that not only am I running more kilometres/week than I have in over a year, I’m also running faster and it’s ENJOYABLE!

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On Thursday I ran my fastest 5k in months!

And this weekend I discovered that I’ve improved my 10k pace by about 30 sec/kilometre and I feel great!  This month I’ve run over 70 k and we’re only 14 days in, at this point I’m on track to run twice as many kilometers than I’ve averaged each month this year.  Although I haven’t really lost any of the extra weight (I’ll have to change my nutrition habits for that to happen), running stronger, further and faster feels amazing!

This week my running plan is: 

 Monday: 55 minute moderate intensity run (45 min 70-80% max HR) 
Tuesday: Strength
Wednesday: 40 min intervals (3 x 5 min @80% max, 2 min 70%) 
Thur: 5k easy lunch run
Friday: 40 minute easy run (20 min 70-80% max HR) 
Sunday: 75 min easy run (60-70% max HR) 

Have a healthy and active week everybody!

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