Dare Dream Do #MotivateMe Monday


I’m sitting here staring at the blinking cursor trying to figure out how to recap the awesomeness of my Ragnar Niagara race weekend so that I can remember it forever.  Instead of writing, I’m scrolling through the 17 million photos our team has been sharing with each other.  

Here are a few of my favourites:

Ragnar Niagara Team Endorphriends

This has me reflecting on what brought me to meeting this amazing team and meeting these amazing people, how did I get here? How did I get so lucky?

A lot of inspiring people have come into my life through running, simply because I dared to dream and dared to do.  I started this running journey after the years of school sports ended.  When I graduated University I looked around and said:

What’s next?

In high school I was a joiner, so I joined every team I could in my school years: Cross country, track, swim team, volleyball, softball, field hockey and three years of varsity field lacrosse.  I couldn’t imagine my life without sports, yet I found myself after University with no more school sports left to play.  So I decided to try running, not just to fill the void from the lack of sports but also to lose those stubborn freshmen pounds that I was still carrying around 6 years later.  


I signed up for my first race, a half marathon, not really understanding how far it was but I knew it was a dream of mine to complete one. I bought a book with a training plan and started training.  I then began to meet amazing people simply because I dared to dream.  I became good friends with my first training group at the Running Room, met amazing people by joining the Milton Runners (including Ed Whitlock!), had lots of running opportunities and met amazing runners through social media and race ambassadorships.  

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Running has brought so many wonderful things to my life and has helped me to make so many friends!

dare dream do

Even my two best friends have come into my life through our common interest in running!

My two best running friends

From this past weekend I’ve added several new people that I’m proud to call my friends to my Facebook and Instagram so that I can stay in touch with them. We worked well together as a team and Team Endorphriends is already planning our next running event together – Ragnar Trail Cottage Country, I can’t wait for another weekend with my amazing team simply because I dared to dream and dared to do.

This week’s training plan:

Monday: 9k morning run + 10 min of strength training
Tuesday: 10 min of strength
Wednesday: 8k morning run + boot camp at lunch
Thursday: 10 min of strength + lunch run (??? this is a maybe depending on how I feel)
Friday: 8k morning run + 10 min of strength
Saturday: Watching 6 games of softball + volunteering at the tournament BBQ fundraiser (does that count as a workout?)
Sunday: Watching more softball + more volunteering

Have a great week everyone!

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