Christmas 2017 Recap


Spoiler alert, Christmas 2017 was amazing!

The days leading up to Christmas were busy and hectic.  The end of the year is always extremely busy for me at work, while I try to manage  expectations and prioritize my work, but there’s only so I can take.  I always look forward to the one week my office shuts down to get away from it all and spend precious time with the people that mean the most to me.


To be completely honest, I was in a Bah-humbag mood as we entered the holidays.   Gathering gifts, and stocking stuffers, wrapping gifts, cleaning and decorating the house, baking and preparing foods for potluck gatherings and parties seems like a whole lot of extra work for me when I’m also dealing with the girls relentless sports schedules and an extra heavy workload at work.  I never look forward to December, it’s the worse month of the year in my opinion.  

But I always seem to get it done and survive.  The last day of work before the Christmas shut down always arrives and the mood at work changes.  Knowing we all get a break to spend time with family and friends puts everyone in a better mood.  Leaving work on Friday knowing I had 10 whole days to spend at home was amazing!

Saturday was a pretty typical Saturday, we had hockey, I ran around buying last minute gifts, wrapping and preparing a Christmas appetizer for dinner at my friend Laura’s house.  I made this Christmas Cranberry and Goat Cheese Flatbread “Pizza” (or shall I call it Cranberry Bruschetta?).  

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Dinner was yummy (chili and chicken stew) and I enjoyed some much needed time with friends.  

Sunday was spent prepping for hosting an epic Christmas Day. My family comes over in the morning so we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone.  I cleaned the house, made my homemade cranberry sauce, and prepped my breakfast casserole. 

Later that night, as is our usual Christmas Eve tradition, we opened our two gifts: New pajamas and a book for everyone.  Then we put on our new pajamas and went to the movies to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  I really enjoyed it.  I loved that all of the classic characters were in it except for Hans Solo and Obi Wan Kenobi (although they were mentioned).

Christmas day was fantastic! 

The kids woke up at 6:15 am but let us sleep in until 7:15.  They just sat in the living room next to all of the gifts watching Fuller House while we slept – apparently we’ve trained them well!  Then my parents and my brother and his wife came over.  The living room was full of gifts!  It took us an hour to open them all.  There were some gag gifts (hubby got me a new lock for the front door because I’m always complaining about how my key doesn’t work), hubby received a nose and ear hair trimmer, and a “bedside clock radio pancake grill combo” (it was actually a box of hats from the kids sports teams, and there were some awesome gifts, like a new Instant Pot for me and a portable propane Pizzaque oven for hubby (great for softball tournaments).

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The kids got a lot of sports equipment – Brooke and Amber can’t wait for summer to try out their softball catcher’s equipment!

Santa even brought presents for the cat.

After the Breakfast Casserole (so yummy) hubby and I headed down to our neighbour’s to visit and wish them a Merry Christmas while leaving the kids to bond with my parents and brother.  

Later on we introduced my parents, my brother and his wife to “Walking Tacos” for lunch.  Then we took all of the kids sledding in the fresh snow.  It was cold out but we had fun anyways – we had the whole hill to ourselves!

Later on we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner: Turkey, Porkchops, asparagus with bacon, roasted potatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce, maple glazed carrots and home made bread.  For dessert we enjoyed butter tarts.  

We had a great day and I’m thankful that I have a whole week to relax at home with my family before heading back to work!

Merry Christmas everyone!

How was your Christmas Day?  What unusual family traditions do you have?


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