Motivation Monday: November Goals

Happy Monday everyone!!  I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!  It was a rainy and cold one here, but that didn’t stop my girls from teaming up with our neighbour’s daughter to go trick or treating:

Sierra was a snow tiger, Brooke was a witch, Amber was a butterfly and our neighbour was a scary zombie.

Sierra and Brooke zig-zagged back and forth across the street, around the block while Amber stayed on one side of the street.  When we got home we were really surprised to find out that despite doing half the number of houses, Amber managed to bring home just as much candy as her two sisters.  🙂

Now that October and Halloween are well behind us, it’s time for me to set my November goals:

November Goals

Because last week I signed up for the GymPact app, and the Chilly Half Marathon, my goals are based on those.

Goal Number One – Half Marathon Training

Run four times per week following the half marathon schedule that I created last year.  This means I have to give up one spinning class and run instead like I did last year when I trained for the same race, or keep the spinning class, and do an extra run on the weekends.  I’ll try one week with the three weekday runs, and another week with only two week day runs and two weekend runs, as I’m not sure which method will work best in terms of scheduling (and motivation…).

Goal Number Two – Earn Money with GymPact

Last week was my first full week with the GymPact app  and I managed to hit my pact target of three workouts.  I’m going to up the ante to four workouts in a week, as that will motivate me to actually get all four of my training runs mentioned above down.  I’ve learned that I’m money motivated, and this app is perfect for using that trait of mine to my advantage.

Last week’s accomplishments:

Last week was a fun week.  With Halloween, Amber’s second birthday, and going out country line dancing with my friend, it was also busy.  I managed to fit in two runs and a body pump class – but that was it. (This is why I’m setting some goals, and putting my money where my mouth is).

This week’s training plan:

So that all said, my training plan is based on my goals: run four times, and earn some moolah through gympact:

Monday:  Spinning class
Tuesday: Run 5k
Wednesday:  BodyPump!
Thursday:  Spinning class
Friday:  Run 5k
Saturday:  Run 5k
Sunday:  Long 10k run

Have a great week everyone!

Question/Sharing: What are your goals for November?


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  • 367668299964460
    November 6, 2012 at 12:00 am

    My daughter had an awesome Halloween, she dressed up as a leopard:)

    I have been getting my walking in each morning my walking about 4 bus stops to catch my bus… I will need to add a little more to my exercise ritual weekly… not too much at once:)


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