Mamavation Monday: Exercising Safely

Mamavation Mondays

This is my  Mamavation Monday  post for Monday August 29, 2011.
(I meant to post this Monday night, but my piece-of-shit laptop no longer holds a charge and if I move the laptop the cord falls out).

Hi Everyone! How was your week?

This week the Mamavation Monday writing prompt is:

What safety precautions do you take with your workouts? Any special equipment when working out outdoors?

Ahhh yes – safety while working out.  I *should* say I’m super safe by leaving a route map with my hubby before I run, carrying ID with me etc… but I’ll be completely honest – the only thing I carry with me is my phone – though I no longer run with headphones because I’ve almost been hit by cars who were paying less attention to the road than me.  On second thought, the only “special” equipment I have is my phone, sunscreen, and water.  Water is important when working out at ANY time of the year (yes even winter).

This past week I decided to take it easy with everything – social media, exercise etc….

It was of both my older daughters last week home with me for my maternity leave. This week they are at camp, then they start school the week after.  I focused on them – doing lots of fun stuff with them – it’s so amazing how active kids are! We went for a 5k run together on Monday, Tuesday we walked around the mall for FOUR hours, then went swimming when we got home, Wednesday we walked to the park and I chased them while pushing Amber in the jogging stroller on the freshly paved blacktop at the school, then Thursdaywe went to the park, chased each other and swam and Friday I took them to the BEACH!  Kids LOVE to be active!  There were times when *I* needed a rest… But if I left them in front of the idiot box TV too long they’d get mopey and start fighting.

Last week I also found out that    I was honored and nominated to the Top 50 most Inspirational Healthy Tweeps list – would you take a moment to vote for me?  Thanks!

This week I have mostly to myself – the kids camp runs from 8:30 – 4, so other than dropping the girls off and picking them up, the baby and I are alone.  I have a “To Do” list a mile long – lots of errands, but I’m also gonna really ramp up my half marathon training – the race is in 7 weeks!  EEEEEEKKK!! My plan is to run 34k – three 8k runs and a solo 10k on Saturday.  I also will go to BodyPump class on Tuesday and Thursday.

I hope you all have a very healthy and active week!


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