Mamavation Monday: A Different Week Ahead

Hi Everyone!  This is my Mamavation Monday post for August 15, 2011.

This Week’s Blogging Carnival Question:
What qualities do you look for in a healthy breakfast? Any go-to breakfast recommendations for a busy mom?

I prefer something with protein – it’s broken down slowly, therefore keeping me feeling full and doesn’t cause a sugar spike that’s followed by the insulin over-compensation & sugar crash. Some examples include hard-boiled eggs, protein smoothies & oatmeal or cereal with protein powder mixed in.

How was your week? Mine was good – I had a great week playing with the kids, including numerous walks to the park.  I logged only 10k running with the kids and one Nike Training Club workout.  I’m finding it really difficult to entice the kids to come on a run with me.  Sierra, my 6 yr old daughter rides her bike while I push 4 yr old Brooke and 9 month old Amber in the double jogging stroller.  The big problem is Sierra gets hot riding her bike and only lasts about 3k (which I know is pretty good considering age, but I’d like to run longer & further). Brooke gets bored in the jogger, and starts fighting with her baby sister.  I’ve also found that the jogger really holds heat in & the kids get very sweaty & hot.  My bribe to take them to cool parks hasn’t been working lately.

Amber & I Running

One thing I did really well with this week was my breakfast.  I got into the really bad habit of either skipping breakfast, or remembering while were out, and grabbing myself a muffin from Tim Horton’s.  Recognizing that this was pushing me into sugar peaks & valleys, I went back to having a protein smoothie for breakfast – milk, protein powder, 1/2 a banana and some frozen berries.  The protein in the smoothie keeps me feeling full all morning and for some reason it leads me to make better food choices at lunch.

That all said this coming week is going to be different… We just returned home from a weekend long excursion to drop Sierra and Brooke off at my mother-in-law’s house.  She lives a 7 hr drive away, and asked if she could have the girls come up and spend a week with her!  


So because I only have the baby with me, this week I’ve set some goals:

  • Continue healthy, mindful eating – starting with my protein smoothies for breakfast.
  • Run 20k (broken up into four 5k runs).
  • Do two Nike Training Club workouts.

Essentially I want to be TWICE as active this coming week as last.  

I also have some household chores I want to accomplish like:

  • Clean out the garage.
  • Purge & organize the toys in the basement.
  • Organize our home office.

It’ll be really nice to be able to work on the household chores without having to break up fights every 5 min, yet at the same time I’m gonna miss my girls!

Oh! Almost forgot! One other thing I’m doing this week is hosting the FIRST #Mamavation Monday Tweet Chat with Shelley (@momma_oz) Monday (August 15th) at 9pm est right before the Mamavation Monday TV. Our focus will be on Back-to-School. To participate all you have to do is tweet with the hashtag: #mamavation. Here’s more info & the RSVP:

Have a great week everyone & I hope to see you Monday night at the #Mamavation Monday Tweet Chat!  

This post is sponsored by Quaker Oats and I ‘m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation and sponsored by Quaker Oats.


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  • Megan
    August 14, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    Looking forward to the tweet chat, I’ve been missing your tweets since my surgery.
    I am glad your back on the breakfast train! I wish my mother in law would take our kids once to give my parents a break. You are very lucky. Woohoo for “me time”! Enjoy your workouts with your little cutie pie. I find purging toys is much easier without the kids.

  • Monica Young
    August 14, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    WOW, I wish I were so organized with my workouts. Lucky you to have your mother in law take the kids. I hope to get out of job in time to join the chat. Hugs

  • Amanda
    August 14, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    I, too, have the hardest time with breakfast! I almost always skip it for some sugary coffee, then regret the choice by mid-afternoon. Now, I can’t promise that I’ll be skipping the coffee (I’m a scary person without it), but I’ll be with you in remembering the higher protein breakfasts too. Good luck achieving all of your goals this week!

  • Kris
    August 14, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    OK – I know this is KRAZY, but I AM SO FLIPPIN” EXCITED FOR YOUR WEEK! You deserve a break – it sounds like you’ve got a plan – my only wish for you is to work in a pedi too 🙂 Enjoy!

  • Andrea Kruse (
    August 15, 2011 at 2:36 am

    Wow! Want to share your MIL? lol

    Love your goals. …and that you have both health and happiness (cleaning/org) goals in there. I have so much I want to accomplish, but two toddlers make that near impossible.

    Best of luck with your chat. I won’t make it since it is right during dinner prep and dinner. Have fun!

  • Heather
    August 15, 2011 at 10:52 am

    Awesome goals for the week! Yay for your mother-in-law – what a gift to you. Not only because you don’t have to play referee, but because it will be quality time for your older girls with their grandma!

  • Wendy
    August 15, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    What great goals! Having just walked my first ever 5k- I’m in awe, and know I’ll get there one day!

    YAY to the MIL- mine takes my kids, too:)

  • Shelley (
    August 15, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    Love reading about your goals! How awesome of your MIL!!! Can’t wait to tweet with you tonight 🙂

  • Katrina -
    August 15, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    What a great grandma your kiddos have! Sounds like you have great goals setup for this week. So proud of you!


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