Take a hike at Hilton Falls… through the eyes of a 6 year old


On Sunday afternoon I took a hike at Hilton Falls with my 6 year old while my older two daughters went to their softball banquet to celebrate their 2017 season.  Hubby took the big girls to their banquet, leaving me with an afternoon to spend with my youngest daughter, Amber.  Amber is 6 (soon to be 7), talks (a lot), but gets bored easily whenever I try to find something for us to do.  It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and I was dying to go out for a trail run, so I thought,

Hey! Why don’t I introduce Amber to my trails?

I didn’t tell Amber what we were doing, or where we were going because I just didn’t want to hear any whining about going on a “boring walk” I handed Amber my DSLR (Nikon D3100) and told her that I was going to teach her how to use it – she was thrilled!

The budding photographer:

6 year old photographer

I learned during our hike through Hilton Falls that Amber sees the world differently than me.  She focused her attention on more of the small things that I didn’t notice – I just walked on by them.  I liked her photos and the way she sees the world.

(None of Amber’s pictures have been edited)

This picture, she told me, is of the sun.  I thought she had aimed the camera directly at the sun and all we would see is white, but nope, she got a great shot with a tree branch to the side:

The sun - by 6 year old Amber

This picture is of the stream running from the reservoir.  I love how the stream is not the center of the picture – she’s got the rule of thirds down to a “T” and this was only the second picture she took!

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The stream - by 6 year old Amber

This is a picture of the Niagara Escarpment, in the right of the photo you can see the bridge over the stream where she took the stream picture.

This is a picture of a pine cone.  Amber insisted that I hold it, perhaps to show how small it is?

The trail map – we walked the yellow trail, and part of another trail.

The ground, rocks and pine needles.

The “falls”.  We’ve had a very dry summer so the river has dried up and we were actually able to walk across the river to the ruins of the old mill. The rocks in this picture would be behind the water falls if the water was flowing, but instead there’s just a trickle of cold water seeping out between the rocks. 

The bonfire.  There’s a bonfire near the falls that Conservation Halton keeps going all year round for visitors.  I should have brought marshmallows for us…

Here’s the stock pile of wood:

The path – Amber liked how in this section of the trail the trees were in a straight even line along the edge of the trail.

A picture of me – it was supposed to be a picture of me posing with the mums, but Amber put more of the emphasis on me.

The sky – Amber took a lot of sky pictures.

And the tree canopy – she took A LOT of these pictures too. I’m more of a look straight ahead at where I’m going kind of person, and she seems to be more of a day dream and look at the beauty of the sky kind of person.  I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture looking straight up.

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Our hike took us 2.5 hours and was a lot of fun! All in all we had a great afternoon together walking, talking and playing with the camera.  I can’t wait to do it again in a few weeks when the leaves start to turn colours. 

If you ever find yourself in Southwestern Ontario, add Hilton Falls or any of the other Conservation Halton parks to your visit list!

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  • Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner
    October 3, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    oh this is super sweet! Beautiful way to spend the day

    • Janice
      October 5, 2017 at 11:02 am

      Thanks Deborah, we had A LOT of fun together that day!