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Health News Round Up – Week Ending Nov. 22/09

(I subscribe to various health and fitness news sites, and every week I share the neat and intersting things that I’ve learned).

This week I’ve learned that I can lose weight by playing video games, be faster by running faster, not further, a skinny gene has been found (though I don’t think I have it), I can feel better about myself by eating less fat and dark chocolate can help my anxiety problems (pass the Nestle Noir).

Breaking Health News

Breaking Health News

  1. Playing active video games can equal moderate intensity exercise

    One-third of Wii sport and Wii fit activities provide energy expenditures equal to moderate-intensity exercise. Active video games may help prevent or improve obesity and lifestyle-related diseases, researchers said. The study was funded by Nintendo.

  2. Runners: Train less and be faster

    A new scientific study demonstrates that by reducing the volume of training by 25% and introducing speed endurance training, endurance trained runners can improve not only short-term but also long-term performance.

  3. ‘Slimming gene’ discovered that regulates body fat

    Scientists have discovered a previously unknown fruit fly gene that controls the metabolism of fat. Larvae in which this gene is defective lose their entire fat reserves. Mammals carry a group of genes that are structurally very similar. The scientists therefore hope this research could lead to new medicines to fight obesity.

  4. Low-fat diet may improve mood

    A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine has found that though both a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet and a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet can help people lose weight, only the low-fat diet can help people improve their moods.

  5. Dark chocolate – the new antianxiety drug?

    In the high anxiety group, eating chocolate reduced levels of their stress hormones, and the changes were “biologically significant,”

What have you learned? Got something to share?


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