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It’s not often that I beg for votes, but today I’m asking you to help me Pay the Love Forward.   You see there’s this Facebook popularity contest thing going on, hosted by Genuine Health – the winner gets $5,000 to give to the local charity of their choice!

Through my involvement with the Ontario Women’s Triathlon, I’ve come to learn a lot about the charity that the race supports, Girls Inc. of Halton.   They organize after-school clubs for at-risk girls.   The clubs help the girls gain much-needed confidence and gives the girls a safe place to spend their time in the hours after school before their parents or care-givers come home.   As a mom of three daughters, this is an incredibly important organization to me, one that I would love to become more involved in once my own girls are older.


I digress…

So Genuine Health is helping to reward people for their random acts of kindness – the prize is $5,000 to donate to charity.   So I shared a picture of my daughters making the beefy bean soup mix in a jar for their teacher’s for Christmas.


And shared our “Pay the Love Forward” Story:

For Christmas my daughters and I decided to give their teachers a healthy home cooked meal to show them our appreciation. Instead of going to their houses to cook for them, we layered the dry good ingredients for Beefy Bean Soup Mix in a jar. My daughters had a blast making a gift for their teachers from their hearts.

Folks, I would really like your help in winning this contest – this is something I feel strongly about as there are many at-risk young girls in my community.   Please vote for our Pay the Love Forward story.   Thank you!

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  • 712765976
    February 13, 2013 at 1:03 pm

    I will vote every day and I also tweeted it for you.