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#dosomething Day 14 – 10k Race Recap

I’ve run in quite a few races over the past 11 yrs since I started running, but truthfully NONE of those races have been as fun as the race I ran last night. Yes it was cool, yes it was raining, and yes I hadn’t trained nearly enough for it, but yanno what? NONE of that matters when you run with friends. Friends always make exercise more fun.

Tina, Myself and Roz

Yesterday night, a twitter conversation that was started last summer finally came to fruition. My friend Roz (@rozbatson) flew all the way from Australia, leaving her husband and two children behind, to come to Toronto to run the Desjardins General Insurance 10k race with Tina (@virgomommy) and I. My first tweetup ever!

I was a little nervous about running with a group – I have run a few races with a single friend, but most of them have been solo, and never have I run as a group of three. I wasn’t sure how we would mix in with a crowd, if they would be too fast for me, too slow etc…

Guess what? I worried for nothing! Despite the rain and the cool temperatures we had a blast! It was so exciting to run, tweet, and take pictures the whole race (three of my favourite things).

Here are some of the pics we took:

[simpleviewer gallery_id=”2″]

(Remind me to take my “fancy” rain jacket off for pictures next time)

This was Tina’s FIRST official 10k race, so this made it even more exciting! She has run 10k in her training (she’s training to do the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon, which is in 2 weeks from now – the same 1/2 marathon as me!) and her best 10k training time was about 1:20. Together we were able to push her to a personal best 1:11!!! We were all comfortable and warm, the scenery was beautiful – we ran along the lakeshore of Lake Ontario in Mississauga, through parks, around a Marina and through some really nice subdivisions. The best part? We only walked once!

Friends: Tina, Roz and I - We did it!!

While my legs and hips are sore today, I still have a huge grin on my face because of the we fun we had last night! Thank you ladies for the best race ever!



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