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Sweating for Weight Loss

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while then it should be no secret that I strongly believe that in order to lose weight and be healthy you need to stress your body with hard exercise, and fuel your body with good, nutritious food.

Being fit and healthy takes hard work! Perhaps that’s why we find those that have been successful so inspiring?

So yesterday, as we were walking home from a trip to the park with our wonderful off-spring who were for once in their lives behaving themselves enough for my hubby and I to have a conversation, we passed two ladies out for an evening stroll. It was obvious from the way they were dressed that their walk wasn’t meant to be casual – they were walking for exercise, perhaps even to lose weight. Unfortunately, they had become so enthralled in their conversation, that their pace had slowed down to a more casual walk, than a brisk walk. I commented that that’s why people don’t lose weight, they’ve been misled into thinking that a walk is good exercise (Which is a whole ‘nother rant that I won’t go into here). My hubby pondered that for a moment, then summed up my thoughts perfectly with one simple statement:

“You need to sweat to lose weight.”

Genius – pure genius! Because it’s such a simple statement yet so very very true! Who cares what you do to sweat – you can run, walk very fast, ride a bike, roller blade, lift weights, do a boot camp class etc.


So. what will you do today to make yourself sweat?


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  • Veronica @ro23ro
    September 23, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    I said that very thing tonight in my Zumba class! I was drenched in sweat..and as it was uncomfortable, it also felt great because I knew I eliminating the bad with each drop of sweat! Awesome post and so true!

  • Slim
    December 16, 2013 at 5:36 am

    Yes,it’s true that in order to make your body healthy and to lose weight, you have to do exercise and fuel your body with healthy nutritious food like fruits , green vegetables,eggs,milk etc. When you stress your body with hard exercise then your body starts sweating and in this way fats and calories of your body come out in the form of sweat. So always eat healthy and think healthy.


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