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How to Shred Fat Faster By Walking

How many times have you decided that you ‘ve completely had enough, and it ‘s time to lose weight? How many times have you decided to lose the weight by walking? How many times has this failed?

You ‘ve been eating right, you ‘re counting calories and you ‘re walking, but the weight is no longer coming off. In fact you may have initially been successful and lost some weight ” but it ‘s now stopped working even though you feel like you have more weight to lose. But guess what? I ‘ve found the secret to getting those pounds off and I want to share it with you ….

Do you want to take your walking workout to the next level? You can!

By combining strength building exercises with cardio YOU WILL BURN MORE CALORIES in the same amount of time!

As you know, weight gain or loss is a result of the balance between calories in and calories out. If you spend more calories than you take in then you will lose weight. Unfortunately the body is smart, and quickly adapts to your lifestyle change. Over time your body becomes more efficient at walking and begins to burn less calories, therefore making your caloric deficit smaller. Overtime, you stop losing weight.

But you can trick your body by doing a walking workout that encompasses strength moves!

This works for 3 reasons:

1) Your walking workout is more intense and you burn more calories during the walk.

2) You build muscle, which causes your body to burn more calories ” even at rest!

3) Progressively increasing the weights you use doing your workout keeps your body guessing, preventing adaptation and plateauing!

How do you combine strength moves with walking?

Burn more calories by strengthening while you walk!

You can combine strength moves by walking with weights – you need to be moving your arms in a manner that will ensure you increase your strength and elevate your heart rate – this is why I’ve created the FITNESS CHEERLEADER’s WALK & TONE mp3 WORKOUT!

My downloadable mp3 (that can be played on any mp3 player) leads you through a fun and vigorous 40 min walking workout with 3 sets of strengthening exercises to help you tone (and strengthen) your upper body.

Don’t believe that my workout is fun and tough? Then checkout this review by Scarlett @ Manical Matron:

Today I tried this mp3 out for the first time and WOW! I feel incredible. It can be done outside or on a treadmill. For you pedometer wearers, I reset mine right before I began the workout and got almost 3,400 steps! This was just me walking around my house. I probably wasn’t covering as much ground as I would outside, so I would say I could get almost 4,000 if I were outside and not sick! The music is 90’s dance music, which brings back so many memories and gets me moving. In addition, my 4 year old son got out his 2 pound weights and walked with me. He LOVED the music – particularly the “Move it, Move it” song. I can already tell my arms are going to be a little sore tomorrow! Thanks, Fitness Cheerleader!


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  • Alison @ Femita
    September 23, 2010 at 3:46 am

    90’s dance is my favorite workout music 🙂 It’s just so positive and uplifting. Perfect for clearing my head and getting optimal results!


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