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Happy National Running Day!

Today is National Running Day!!!

So I celebrated the only way I know how… By running! I pushed Brooke and baby Amber in the double jogger while Sierra rode her bike alongside me. My legs weren’t sore anymore from the half marathon, but they sure were dead, so it was a slow *almost* 5k run. It doesn’t matter though how far, or how far I didn’t run. What matters most is I RAN!


I run for my sanity – Hubby is away in LA for the next 10 days so I’m once again solo parenting. Running gives me PATIENCE!

Today was a good day: we ran, went to the park, played catch, played soccer, had lunch, planted a garden, watched a movie, had dinner, went out for ice cream and another trip to the park…. Running gives me ENERGY!!

I noticed that my legs are now lean and muscular. I like the feel of my quads contracting when I walk. Running gives me STRENGTH!!!

Why do you run?


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