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Happy Friday + Five Things I’ve Been Busy With

Happy Friday everyone! Or as my best running friend Juliette says, Happy Fri-yay! I’m sorry for my lack of posting, this week has totally gotten away from me as things have been super duper busy!

Funny Friday meme

Thing I’ve been busy with #1:
Early in the week (Sunday), I had to thoroughly clean the house and treat the girls (and myself) for head lice… yuck! This is the second time the girls have gotten lice from school, but the first time they passed it on to me. OMG I was so itchy!!! The first time the girls got head lice was about 5 weeks ago. I treated them and spent hours picking out nits from their hair, then sent them to school on Monday. While at school on Monday, my middle daughter refused to take off her toque although it was extremely warm outside. The principal (!!!) asked her to take off her toque towards the end of the school day, but Brooke refused. When asked why, Brooke told her that she didn’t want her friends to get lice from her. Of course the principal sent all three girls home and told them they couldn’t come back until they had a doctor’s note stating that they were clear of lice, so that night I treated them again and dragged the three of them in to our doctor first thing Tuesday morning. Thankfully we were all cleared! While frustrating, I gotta love Brooke’s commitment to keeping her friends safe, though I have to wonder if the school custodian work-to-rule/strike has been a contributing factor in the lice problem at the girls’ school?

Thing I’ve been busy with #2:
Amongst all the birthday, hockey, softball and lice (yuck), I’ve also been busy with some behind the scenes bloggy stuff. Over the weekend I completed a blog makeover for Erika at MCM Mama Runs. While she loved the look of her blog, she wanted excerpts with pictures on her home page but could not get her existing theme to do it. I recreated her look in a custom genesis child theme and migrated her over to the Genesis framework, then cleaned up the membership buttons in her sidebar. You can see the final product here: www.mcmmamaruns.com.


Thing I’ve been busy with #3:
While I’m on the topic of bloggy stuff, I also migrated my own websites to Bluehost’s “Cloud Hosting” service from their “Pro Shared Hosting” service. I was hoping it would help with some page load time issues I was having, but from the tests I’ve run so far with tools.pingdom.com it’s actually made the load time about 3 seconds slower. I can see from Pingdom that at least 2 seconds of that lag time is the initial connection to the bluehost servers, so it’s really nothing I can correct on my side. I’ll have to contact Bluehost and see if there’s anything they can do to help, if not I may have to migrate back to the Pro Shared plan and possibly start searching for a new host for when my hosting comes up for renewal. Any suggestions? Who is your hosting provider? Are you happy with your page load time?

Thing I’ve been busy with #4:
Another thing I’ve been doing that I don’t think I told you about yet is a series of 10 articles that I’ve been contributing to Weight Watchers Canada… and I have finally finished writing all the articles! I’m happy to share with you that 6 of the articles have been published so far:

  1. Seven Fun Exercises to do With Your Kids
  2. Easy Home workout Using Resistance Bands
  3. 10 Minute No-Crunch Core Workout
  4. Essential Equipment for Home Workouts
  5. Everything You Need to Know About Stretching
  6. Tips on How to Get Started with Running

I definitely put in a lot more effort into those articles than I do here so I’m quite proud of them 🙂

Weight Watchers healthy Starts Here

Thing I’ve been busy with #5:
Hmmmm… What else am I busy with? Well work is busy, it’s near year end which always means things get busier than normal. On Sunday I’ll be hosting Amber’s 5th birthday party which means I have to somehow come up with party ideas to do with 12 little girls that range in age from 5 to 10, figure out what I’m feeding these kids and clean the house, oh and we have skating lessons tonight, and six hours of hockey tomorrow. As Juliette says I’m getting RUN-gry! I missed my run with her today because I was up until 2:30 or so with anxiety, and looking at our weekend schedule the only fitness I can fit in is a spin on my indoor trainer and some kettlebell swings at home. I did manage to squeeze in an upper body strength workout at GoodLife Fitness on my lunch the other day and it REALLY helped! Bicep curls, concentration curls, tricep extensions, skull crushers, shoulder press, lateral arm raises, bent over rows, lat pull downs, chest press and flies for the win!

Beat the stress by pumping some iron!

That’s about it for me, so tell me, are you happy it’s Friday too? What are your plans for the weekend?


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  • Emma
    November 6, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    Oh man, we had lice a month ago, and then a recurrence with the big kid recently. not fun! Although personally I think the school policies are ridiculous. Yeah, they are gross, and you don’t want the kids passing them around, but they aren’t harmful. Insisting on doctors notes and such is just silly – it makes people LESS likely to tell the school the kids have it!

    Anyway, I just want to sing the praises of this bad boy. It works SO much better than the comb I got at the drugstore. Pulls out EVERYTHING (nits, eggs, lice). I’m now going to be using it once a week on my kids just to make sure they are clear, since the lice going around right now are, IME, totally resistant to the lice shampoos and the only way to fully get rid of them is by combing: http://amzn.to/1XUZ2lv

  • Lucie Palka
    November 6, 2015 at 8:55 pm

    Hi Janice, congrats on those Weight Watchers articles. I’ve read through them and they are great! You sure have been busy. Just reading about head lice makes my head itchy. I’m using Go Daddy, and my load time is a bit on the slow side as well, I think (5 seconds) but I think it’s a few of my plugins, like SumoMe that slows it down.

  • Bharat Sharma
    November 7, 2015 at 4:14 am

    Hi ,
    I’m little late and it’s already Saturday afternoon here. Good to know about your site migration and congrats for the articles you have published that weight watchers panda. Regarding site speed, are you using cloudflare CDN or any other ? If not, then you should as it really helps in increasing page speed and also in putting less burden on your hosting provider.

    Last but not the least, advance Happy Birthday to your daughter Amber ( Getting lice is very common in childhood)

  • Elle
    November 7, 2015 at 8:11 pm

    Wow, you have been keeping yourself really busy! Congrats on the the WW articles – they look great!

    Just be sure to keep enough time for yourself and don’t burn yourself out. You’re lucky that you have a gym so close to your work and that you can pop in during lunch.


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