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Getting Fit With Baby

As I wrote in my previous post, getting fit at home is a relatively new concept to me – one that I never believed possible.  I always figured that there was no way I could get a workout intense enough for me to maintain or even improve my current fitness level at home.  Yes – I was a total Gym Rat.

Then I had kids, which totally added to my belief that I couldn’t workout hard enough at home – so I didn’t try.

I then met some fabulous friends on Twitter, tweeting with the hashtag #mamavation*.  They were all achieving amazing results… AT HOME!  So as much as I inspired them running on my lunches while working and pregnant, they also inspired me and proved to me that yes, I can get fit at home.

AND I can get fit with a baby at home! There are so many options!

Exercise DVD’s
My kids LOVE “helping” mommy do her “fiti-ness”.  I don’t even have to wait until baby Amber is asleep to workout – my daughters stretch and move the baby’s arms while she “watches” from her bouncy chair.  They keep the baby entertained and I get a workout in!

Gaming Systems
A few years ago game makers woke up and realised they had an untapped market… Women!  There are so many options for your game console be it xBox or Wii or Playstation 3.  I personally like my EASports Active for the Wii, but there’s also The Biggest Loser, Just Dance and whole pile of others. Baby Amber either watches, or I do this while she’s sleeping.

Jogging Strollers
It’s no secret – I like to run! Sometime over the past five years (since I had my first daughter) the stroller companies created jogging strollers that hold an infant car seat. This is great because now you don’t have to wait until baby is 6 mos to start returning to running, or even starting to run with a couch to 5K running program. I’ve been back running for a few weeks now and occasionally I even manage to get my 5 yo to ride her bike alongside us.

Truthfully I’ve only ever tried my InStep Suburban that I got used for $40, so I really cant recommend any jogging strollers to you.

Your Imagination
If Amber is having a fussy day I drop her into my wrap (I have two – one I made at home out of 3 meters of fabric from the fabric store, and a mamankangourou stretchy wrap). I dance, do lunges, squats, walk around the house with my hand weights, do repeats of the stairs, and even occasionally throw on my Zumba DVD with Amber in the wrap.  She typically falls asleep within 5-10 min of being placed in the wrap, I get a workout in and my kids either dance with me, laugh at me, or run away to another part of the house to play.

Don’t think it’s possible? Here’s a video of Amber and I at a free trial of a Mommy and Me Zumba class:

Yanno, there are so many options out there so I have no excuses, and guess what? Neighter do you! So use yor imagination, dust of those DVD’s and get moving!!


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  • Kathy
    January 7, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    Great post! My babies are a bit older now, 4 and 6. But when they were younger I would run to the local park, do leg lifts and push ups and so forth while running around and playing with them, and then run back home. Now I have some DVDs I do (I tried Shred today, it was great!) and my kids will do them with me, modified. They have done yoga, etc, with me. I think it is great to teach our children the importance of being fit and healthy. Way to go!

  • Amanda
    January 7, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    For me it is all about the music. I too used to be a gym rat and still go when I can It I have to workout at home music is the thing that transforms my home into a place I want to workout. I try to revamp my workout mix often and put it on shuffle so I don’t get stuck in a rut on music. I need high energy music.
    Just added this song to my workout mix…funny video. Check it out at:

  • Cailin @ Stir Crazy
    January 9, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Great tips! I often head to the gym more than I workout at home, but with a little one now I have to be creative when I can’t make it to the gym because he’s sick (or some other reason), so I’ve been working out at home more. I already had some weights at home, but have added more DVDs as well. But now that I’m going through the P90X program with the amazing mamavation ladies, home workouts are where it’s at right now! Hope to hear you have a quick recovery so you can join us soon!

    By the way, I LOVE the idea of working out with baby in the wrap… and Zumba?! Love it.. what a great idea! Love the video too 🙂


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