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Guest Post: Down the Yellow-Brick Road to loving myself

This Guest Post is part of my SELF Love February series by the fabulous Rebecca of Thru Thin and Thick (@rebeccamuba).  Check out her great tips on how she has found SELF love – it’s not an easy road!

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Hi! I ‘m Rebecca and I blog at Thru Thin and Thick. My lil ol ‘ blog started off as a weight loss blog and has morphed into a lifestyle journal. Anyhwoo, when Janice called for guest posters while she was in Hawaii, I jumped at the chance to help her out since she ‘s always been so supportive on Twitter, however when she told me she wanted me to write about loving myself, my stomach flip-flopped.

I know for me, loving myself has been a struggle, a lot of my insecurities having been bred from childhood on and it ‘s been easy to hold on to those words, comments as my safety blanket and that ‘s a shame since that safety blanket is toxic for me.

Loving myself hasn ‘t been an easy feat, but by embracing a few major changes, I ‘ve become quite happy with the progress I ‘ve made:

1. Letting go of the past.
First and most importantly, I forgave negative things others might have said about me and moved on. By holding onto that negativity, I was holding myself back from moving on.

2. Stop comparing myself to others.
I don ‘t know about you but with so much awesome inspiration in the blog world, sometimes it can be hard to feel like you don ‘t live up to whatever or whomever. This only made me feel worse about myself and when I finally let go of certain expectations, I was so much happier. This meant truly listening to myself instead of letting myself be influenced by others.

3. Being kind to myself
I stopped the negativity. Stopped living in the past and in the future. I try to focus on today and all that I achieve daily. Yes, I may not have the same endurance I did several years ago and I would love to run 8 min/miles one day but the truth is, I ‘m pretty darn proud of my sub 10 min/mile I ‘m running today and I ‘m proud of the fact that 75% of the time I make healthier eating choices than I did 4 years ago.

And as Lucille Ball once said, “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. 


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