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#dosomething Day 12 – My Body Hates Me!

Twelve days of #dosomething Everyday in May and my body is screaming at me – ouch!  It’s sore and tired but man – this is a great feeling!

Today I made it to BodyPump class ON TIME!  (A big feat for this mom of three, and you may remember that I was rather late last week).  I must admit I had a little help… Hubby dropped the two oldest off at school and preschool for me, leaving me enough time to get myself ready and to pack up the baby for class.

BodyPump Class

Amber is really enjoying the childcare! This is the first time I’ve ever left any of the babies in a gym childcare – I’ve always been far too attached to them to just do it.  I had a very hard time returning to running and fitness as a result of the attachment, and I believe that was a big contributor to the post-partum depression that I battled. Amber has really adapted well to the childcare, and every time I leave her it gets easier on my heart.  This was visit #5 for her.  I remember the first time I dropped her off so well – I ran on the dreadmill that visit with my eye absolutely glued to the childcare room door so that I could jump off the dreadmill and run to her aid if she needed me.  Of course she didn’t need me nearly as much as *I* needed her.

Today’s BodyPump class was HARD!  The two times that I attended previously the class was very upper body focussed, and this class had a heavy lower body focus.  My bum is gonna hate me A LOT tomorrow!  I really hope it recovers for my 10K race Saturday night.

OH! Saturday… I forgot to tell you! I’m running the Mississauga Marathon Weekend 10k race with two of my long time Twitter friends @rozbatson and @virgomommy! We planned this race when I was early preggers with Amber and I was really scared about whether Id be able to run that far after having a baby.  It wasn’t so much the post-baby recovery I was scared of, it was more the “how on earth will I find the time to train when I have 3 kids” kind of a fear.  Having the race and TWO other people to keep me accountable really helped me to prepare.  Instead of being scared, I’m really looking forward to it.  Tomorrow we’re all going to meet each other for the first time at the race kit pick up.  You may remember that I met Tina (@virgomommy) last week Thursday, but neither of us have met Roz (@rozbatson) in person before as she has flown all the way from AUSTRALIA to meet us!! It’s really going to be a fun race and I’m sure with the three of us chatting we won’t even notice how far we’ve ran. I’m so EXCITED!!!

Have you ever met an online friend in “real” life before?  Who did you meet? What did you do? Tell me about it!

PS – I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that you can vote every day until June 1st for me  for the  Top 25 Health & Fitness Mom Blogs on Circle of Moms.


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