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Five Things Friday: 5 Reasons I Love Friday + a Camping Workout

Happy Fri-yay everyone!

(I stole the Fri-yay from my bestie). I don’t know about you, but I totally love Fridays for the following reasons:

  1. After a week of getting up early for work I’m finally settled back into routine which makes getting up easier.
  2. The traffic getting to work is lighter (though going home is usually heavier than normal).
  3. Work is busy – it’s usually busier on Fridays than other days which makes the day go by faster.
  4. Everyone seems to be in a better mood.
  5. I can get together with friends in the evening and stay up later.

This is girls weekend away! After work I’m taking my daughters tent camping for two nights with three other moms and a total of 8 kids ranging in age from 4-13. We go every year to the same campground because it’s close to home and is a nice campground with lots of things for the kids to do. Swimming, fishing, exploring and most importantly being technology free! My daughters still have sports on Saturday morning, so we drive back home (25 minutes) so that Amber can go to her soccer game, and Sierra has her select softball practice.

I packed up the van last night including my kettlebell and yoga mat so that I can sneak in a quick strength workout while we’re away.

Here’s my planned camping workout:


Cheers everyone, I hope you have a great Friday and weekend!

Question: What are your weekend plans?


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