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Way to go Week#1 Choose You Healthy Challenge Participants!!

Choose You Healthy Challenge

Wow! I just finished tallying the results from week #1 of the Choose You Healthy Challenge and I ‘m absolutely astonished and incredibly proud of you all! There were 16 participants who not only found time in their busy lives to work out, but also found the time to complete the challenge log. Between the 16 participants, they spent a grand total of 4990 minutes working out! Folks that ‘s 83 hours!!

Let me shout that:

Week #1 Choose You Healthy Challenge Participants spent 83 Hours Working Out!!!!

Ladies ” you are simply amazing!!

Exercise ranged from walking, running and exercise DVD ‘s to some hardcore exercises like boxing and kettlebell training! Can I say it again? Ladies ” you are simply amazing! There were 12 of you who met my challenge of being active for 30 minutes, 5 days in a week. They are:

1. Aimee
2. Beth
3. Jessica @fringies
4. Lindy
5. Melissa
6. Rachel
7. Scarlett
8. Shannon
9. Susanj
10. Sylvie
11. notdiyheather

All of you were entered in my random draw for a $10 WalGreens Gift Card. Using I choose a winner and that is …. #2 BETH!!!

Congratulations Beth!!!

I also want to make a special mention of four ladies who fit 30 min of activity into all seven days. They are: Lindy, Rachel, Scarlett and Shannon! Lindy fit in the most time ” a whopping 810 min (13.5 hrs).

Way to go everyone! Keep up the good work and good luck in Week #2!

PS – you can still sign up in the challenge – to find out how, read this post.


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  • Shannon
    June 8, 2010 at 11:53 pm

    Thanks for the special mention it means alot!! I worked my tail off last week 🙂 Hopefully I do as good this week.

  • Jenn of
    June 9, 2010 at 9:26 am

    That is so great. I forgot to login. I worked out for 6 hours last week.


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