Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Janice the Fitness Cheerleader’s trip to BlissDom Canada ’12. This annual conference offers a valuable opportunity for bloggers to learn, network, and further grow their business. For the companies being represented, it means exposure to over 500 attendees and an affordable, multi-pronged way to advertise your brand.

Sponsoring Janice’s attendance at BlissDom Canada ’12 offers an opportunity not only to ensure your brand’s exposure at this important networking event, but also targeted promotion through a specialized marketing package. Choosing a seasoned blogger with a Kinesiology background as your ambassador ensures that your health or fitness related product will be represented with the highest level of professionalism and quality. Your package will be customized to fit your brand and level of sponsorship desired. Some examples of the services which Janice can provide include:

* Features about your company and product on and

* Promotional giveaways on, and/or in-person giveaways for BlissDom Canada attendees

* Banner and text link advertising on and for a FULL YEAR!

* Live blogging and tweeting during the event with sponsor mentions

* Exposure on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook

* Distribution of samples, coupons, and other promotional material prior to event (As per the updated 2012 conference policies regarding such material)

* Twitter parties before or during event to generate excitement and viral buzz for your brand

* Customized apparel and accessories bearing the company’s logo

Janice’s estimated cost for conference attendance is $299 as of 02/15/12. Partial or full conference sponsorship is currently available, so CLICK HERE to send an email with your interest and to discuss opportunities!

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