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Blogger’s Block, March Break, and Running, Oh My!!


It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in Thinking Out Loud Thursday and I’ve strangely found myself with some free time so I thought I’d share with you a few random thoughts.

Thought #1 – Blogger’s Block

Is there such a thing as blogger’s block?  ‘Cause if so, I definitely have the worst case of it ever!! 

Being a good blogger is 5% talent and 95% not being distracted by the internet

I have a rare quiet evening at home tonight – the big girls are at goalie training with hubby, and my youngest is curled up with her ipad after a long day at March Break camp and a dinner date with me (poor thing – has to go to camp on March Break!).  The house is quiet, I’ve had a hot bath, and I’m free to blog only I don’t know what to write about, ugh!  I totally hate when that happens.

Thought #2 – March Break

So it’s March Break here (like Spring Break but in the freaking winter).  The kids are kind of sort of off of school.  I say kind of because we had to sign them up for camps because hubby and I both had to work.  Amber bamber is at a nearby school at a camp run by the YMCA, and her big sisters are at a softball camp run by a former division 1 softball scholarship winner.  Both girls worship the ground that this girl walks on and come home very excited about the things they’ve learned (like slap hitting and drag bunting).  I wish I was their age, spending a day at softball camp sounds like a ton of fun!

To kick off March Break we stayed at hotel for two nights that had an indoor waterslide.  Brooke’s hockey team was in a tournament so our weekend was basically hockey, pool, relax, hockey, pool, relax. 

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(She discovered that she can fool us by sliding under the divider of the patios of our two rooms)

We had a lot of fun and I wish we could have stayed there for all of March Break.

Thought #3 – Running

Ok, so when do I NOT think about running?!?  

Running totally makes me happy and I’ve been staying pretty consistent with it, running at least three times a week!  I haven’t been able to do any long runs due to the kids schedules, but I have been doing fun things – like running 3.14 miles in 31 minutes and 40 seconds on March 14th for Pi Day.

While I enjoy running for “fun”, I really miss training for a race. Plus I feel like I’m getting incredibly slow, but that could be because when I run in the mornings with my running friends I just don’t have the same mental toughness as I do on my lunch time runs. For some reason I just feel like walking in the mornings, sorry friends!

Amber is nagging me now, I guess the novelty of time with her iPad has worn off, so I better sign off now to go read some books with her.

Have a great day!

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